Dear Friends,


Each year many young students leave their homes across Africa to pursue higher education at many of the area's fine colleges and universities. From dealing with the region's changing four seasons to managing the culture shock, these young men and women face many challenges. Families back home sometimes put up entire life savings to give a child a chance at a better education in America!


At PAAPO many of our members have stories of similar experiences. We understand the challenges and know the financial commitment our families take to see us through college. Our members believe in giving back. As part of our Annual Scholarship Drive this year, we will give back to a few of the most deserving of our young brothers and sisters from Africa.


Our gift may be small but shall be meaningful. It will show that as Africans and friends of Africa we do care. The financial donations a few students receive will go to defer cost of books or meals. It will help alleviate the financial burden placed on families back home. Contributing to this effort is key to making it a successful year at PAAPO! It will determine how many young men and women we are able to touch and it will say to them that in PAAPO, they have a home away from home!


Thank you in advance for your generous contribution. You have no idea how much it means to us to have your support.


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