Pittsburgh Area African Professional Organization (PAAPO) Seed Need-Based Education Scholarship

The Pittsburgh Area African Professional Organization (PAAPO) is a network of African Professionals in the Pittsburgh Region whose purpose is to provide a sense of community and diversity to its members and young adults of African origins.  Annually PAAPO extends support to college students of African descent studying at educational higher institutions in the Pittsburgh area through the Seed Need-Based Scholarship.

Eligibility for Scholarship Application

  • Must be of African descent.
  • Must be in an institution of higher learning in the Pittsburgh, PA Region.
  • Must have a genuine need for financial assistance.
  • Must have a 2.8 GPA from the immediate previous semester or high school.
  • Complete the Scholarship application in its entirety.
  • Provide a statement of need or financial hardship which will include biographic education and where possible career goals. (Not more than 500 words typed).
  • Provide an official transcript for the immediate semester prior to application submission or from High school. (This pertains to College freshmen only).
  • Applicants must be enrolled in a higher educational institution and provide evidence in the year of the scholarship award. This is necessary prior to be awarded a scholarship.
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from one of the following: school administrator, advisors, or individual with significant knowledge of your life experience in the United States.
  • Application Process: (Applications are received on a rolling basis and considered twice a year.
  • Application Submission Deadline: August 15th (for September 15 Response) and November 15th (For January 15 Response).


  • Please complete the application online and attach all requested documents with the application.
  • To apply for a scholarship please create an account first or click the link below

Scholarship Application Form


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